Hey there!

I have a confession to make…

But I don’t think this is quite surprising, afterall, I’m quite a shopaholic (sigh).

In my opinion, there are two kinds of people when it comes to shopping:
1. Buy 1 bloody expensive item and calls it a day
2. Buy 217917781 inexpensive items and calls it a day

I am definitely the latter, and hence most of my shopping carts contain small knick-knacks or cosmetics. I only shop for clothes when I am in the mood. However, sometimes it is easier to overspend when you buy many small items because on its own it does not cost much, but as a whole they accumulate to quite a huge sum.

Yes, I am experiencing one of the few “sometimes” right now…

Anyway, these are some of the stuffs I bought!


I got a perfume roll and body mist from the exiting brand, Laline, as well as the ever so famous IOPE Air Cushion XP! I might review on the foundation soon if I have time. In addition, I got quite a few pieces of clothing from some online stores, and these contributed to my temporary financial drought. It makes my head hurt even more knowing that there are a few birthdays coming up this month, especially my Dad’s.


Anyway, both the fragrances I got from Laline are Musk scents! If you know me well enough, I have a terrible obsession with musk scents, followed by strawberry scents. That’s why my first and favourite perfume is Chloé Love. However, these two items were a great disappointment because the body mist does not last more than 5 minutes and the perfume roll is just too faint. To be honest, I don’t really know what to do with them right now. I’ll probably just use the body mist as my room’s freshener and the perfume roll as a back-up product in my handbag in case I ever rush out of the door without spraying any perfume.

Just because these products were quite a fail doesn’t mean I’ve lost hope in Laline though. My friends are big fans of this brand and after hearing from them, I’m determined to go get some lotion and scrubs from Laline! It is quite sad that I got into the craze a little late because I found out that Laline is preparing to exit Singapore. I wonder why,.. 😦

But there’s still Bath & Body Works yeah? (wink)


On the other hand, I’m quite pleased with the cushion foundation, because it was such a steal! I was not expecting to receive an extra refill and a ton of samples along with the product. In addition, its my first cushion foundation product so I am very excited to use it.


If I like this one, I might also go purchase the Laneige one, because that has quite a lot of good reviews too!
I’ve tried the products a few times recently, and I can’t quite put my finger on it with regards to whether I like it or not. Sometimes I find it wayyyyy too glossy, and sometimes I find it so dry. I shall experiment with different methods of application before I make a conclusion. I really want to like this product because many people are so awed by it. Also, Jung Ji Hyun from “You Who Came From The Stars” also uses this foundation  for her character, Cheon Song Yi’s makeup look! Her skin was sooooo flawless throughout the drama! I can’t seem to get a completely similar result though.. (Maybe it’s because my skin has worsen thanks to the crazy hot weather, otherwise it just means my makeup skills sucks or something)


Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauties in this image, especially Kim Soo Hyun!