Hey there,

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It’s time for December favorites already?!

That only means one thing – School is resuming, a.k.a. FML.

December has been quite an eventful month for me, but rushing around means I haven’t had much time experimenting or trying new stuff, which explains this really simple favorites list which you will be seeing below. I’ve been into multipurpose or convenient products that can help speed up my preparation time in addition to reducing the weight and size of my makeup bag.


1. Tarte airbuki bamboo powder foundation brush


Like it’s name suggest, this is a dense Kabuki brush which I use to buff on my TFS ME:EX Angel Skin Powder Pact, as mentioned in my AUGSEPTOCT favorites post.

I like that it gives an airbrush, flawless finish without looking cakey. I really cannot stand the sight of girls who pat on thick layers of powder foundation unevenly on top of their dry skin which creates a cakey, flakey finish. Especially those who use the puff given inside the compact – STAPH!! Time to ask for a kabuki brush this Christmas, babes!!

2. Tarte the slenderizer bamboo contouring brush



I was really hesitant to get this brush because it is double-ended. Double-ended brushes are so hard to store, because you cannot let it stand on one end, and if it lies around in my makeup drawers, the bristles will definitely go out of shape. But someone came to my rescue and gave me 2 brush guards to protect the bristles! I never really got about trying brush guards because they remind me so much of those nettings used to wrap apples or pears, and I didn’t want to be bothered with the inconvenience of having to remove them each time i use the brush.



They kept the bristles in shape so I can just leave my brush rolling with the eyeliners, mascaras etc. without worrying that it will be ruined. It really isn’t as much of a hassle to put them back onto the brush because the guard is very stretchy which makes it easy to tuck over the brush. I’m a true believer of brush guards now, and have proceeded to purchase a few sets of them for my brush collection.

Brush guards aside, this brush works perfectly for applying concealer and liquid foundation. I know its meant for contouring, but the denser side is really good at buffing and layering concealer evenly, while the angled side spreads liquid foundation thinly and seamlessly onto the skin. This brush is super handy on the days where I’m lazy to go wet my beauty blender sponge, which is most of the days actually.

3. Benefit Lollitint
I have a strong feeling I’ve mentioned this before in one of my past favorites post, but this product deserves a second mention because I kept reaching for it during my staycation. I forgot to bring my blusher during staycation, but I was not worried because I have my trusty Lollitint! I’ve learnt my lesson after so many occasions whereby I dabbed the product directly onto my cheeks and ended up with a purplish dot on my face for the whole day. This thing dries so fast, it only looks natural when dabbed on using a sponge. It lasts all day and looks natural! In addition, it doubles as a liptint which means I can forget about bringing my lipsticks along with me when I’m out!

4. Wet n Wild Icon Collection Eyeshadow Trio in I’m getting Sunburned


Actually, I usually reach for my other Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Silent Treatment more than this because I find the colors on Silent Treatment more wearable. However, as I left Silent Treatment in my hostel, I had to make do with I’m Getting Sunburned which I have at home. Like I said earlier, I’ve been in quite a rush most of the days foe December, and I just couldn’t find time to slowly experiment with my bigger eyeshadow palettes. Small palettes like this comes with colors that are meant to go together. This makes putting on eye makeup so much easier, especially with such obvious instructions such as the color for “BROWBONE”, “CREASE”, “EYELID”.

I find myself falling in love with the colors as well, for the pigmentation is great! However, I notice more fallout from the darker brown “CREASE” color than the other shades, which can be quite troublesome to remove from the skin.

5. SUKI Cosmetics Taiwan Tom Girl Eyebrow Kit


In the past I never understood why my Mom would always take such a long time drawing her brows, but now that I’ve learnt to put on makeup, I fight the same battle as her. For some reason, I always find it hard to find the right brow pencil shade to match my hair color, but with this brow kit I can mix the colors to my heart content. The shade on the left is actually a eyebrow gel which I don’t use in fear of making my brows to bold, and if i’m not wrong, the gel has probably dried up by now. That’s the thing about gels.. I prefer brow powders to brow pencils because they give a more natural look!

6. ELF Flawless Eyeshadow in Golden Goddess


I feel like I’ve mentioned this product before too. Hmm..

Anyway, another idiot-proof eyeshadow palette for the days where I choose not to use my brain. I love to create a natural look with this palette, but I usually leave out the first/brightest shade because of the amount of fallout. They’re a little crumbly, especially so for the first shade. But the palette was pretty cheap so I have no complains!

The packaging feels like it is about to crack anytime though..