Hey there,

I know I’ve been a little behind schedule with this update. Everyday i wake up with the determination to write up a new blog post, and while I’m having a shower I draft the post out in my head. For some reason, I am able to come up with a whole chunk of things to post about when I’m in the shower but the moment I step out of the toilet, all my ideas seem to drain away from me. That makes me really discouraged and I end up starring at a blank screen not knowing what to write. (sigh)

Nonetheless, I finally decided that I do not have hit perfection on a post because it should be candid and sincere, so here I am typing away without a care, and IT FEELS GOOD!

Anyway here are the pictures for the 4th week of braces!



Before braces and after 1 month of with braces


Is it just me or do you find that my bottom crooked teeth seem to be even more crooked?! Is that even normal?


Bottom row week 1 to 4
I think I am not just seeing things and that it’s true! Notice how the crooked teeth is week 4 is way more severe than the one in week 2? I hope it’s just an angle problem. :/


Top row week 1 to 4
There isn’t much of a change except the closing distance between the spaces that my extracted teeth left.


The wires on the bottom row has left little dashes on my inner bottom lip. It hurts terribly when I close my mouth and the wires sink back into the “moulds” again. In addition it hurts like hell when an ulcer decides to make a home in the little “moulds”. I had a week of #FML moment thanks to them.

I went back to the dentist for a change of wires and rubber bands last week. My dentist is so popular I had to wait about 45 minutes before I get to see him despite having an appointment.

I complained to him about the poking wires at the back of my mouth and he said that it was only 1mm protruding.. LOL But it hurts ok! Nonetheless he still trimmed the wires extra short for me this time so that don’t feel any pain. The ulcers at the back of my mouth finally had peace and healed pretty quickly. I love you Mr Lee 😛


Can you spot the color of the bottom bands?
I was pretty excited to go for the appointment because I can finally change out of those yellowish transparent rubber bands and also get a new pop of color on the bottom row. I don’t know if it’s because i was too excited or if I am just traumatized with my previous fainting experience due to the extraction, the moment I arrived at the clinic I started having butterflies in my stomach and had to rush to the toilet. This has been happening almost every visit, even when I knew that there wouldn’t be any extreme procedures or pain during that visit. Anyone on the same boat as me?


I was having a hard time deciding if I should go for lavender or bright purple, but decided that the lighter one will most probably stain faster than the darker one. I think the assistant was a little pissed at my flickering mind. Ops! But hey, it is a big decision for me because I have to LIVE with it… for a month.


Bottom row – start of 2nd month


The crooked teeth has definitely slanted to a whole new angle and right now I have a gap between the crooked teeth and its neighbour, so food gets stuck in between. And let me tell you, it is freaking tough to remove the stuff stuck in between when I’m eating. It’s so annoying!


Top row – start of 2nd month


Week 1 vs start of 2nd month

The slanted tooth circled above has definitely closed back in and start to rotate anti-clockwise.

All in all, I just hope that the crooked teeth don’t stray anymore further, and that the extraction gaps close up completely soon so that food like noodles don’t start curling around the expose wires.

That’s it for now!
Oh here’s a unnecessary #OOTD picture from my instagram (wide grin)


Outfit from MARIXSTYLE (

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