Hey there!

I survived Braces Week 1! (Happy dance) It may be too early for me to celebrate, but I feel like I’ve overcame the worse part of this braces process.

I have gotten comfortable with having my braces on, to the point whereby I sometimes forget I even have them in my mouth. However, eating is still quite a hassle because the food gets stuck in every single gap possible!! It gets very annoying and when my tongue tries to get the food out, the brackets/wire cut at it, resulting in tongue ulcers. No fun I tell you, not fun. Now I’ve learnt to be more diligent and keep my tongue away from my braces, especially the back area where the wire ends because when the wire cuts the tongue, it’s hell lot of pain.

I did not experience any major ulcers whatsoever, just that the wire at the back still pokes into my cheeks. I no longer put wax on the rough areas because it’s so troublesome and I don’t want to eat any more wax than I already did. (I know it is non-toxic, but still..)

One problem I realized is that lipstick smudge easily onto my braces because the brackets are protruding. This is a big problem to me because I love bright lipsticks, however when the lipstick smudges onto the brackets, it is usually hard to remove without the flossing tool. In order to avoid this problem, I usually do the finger trick (insert finger into mouth, purse lips together and withdraw finger) to ensure that the lipstick do not get too close to the teeth.

My lisp is slowly going away, however I can no longer smile without my teeth showing because it looks very forceful and the sides of my lips will not close together thanks to the protruding brackets. (And that means I cannot selfie without showing my braces TT )


Week 2 – Natural smile
More toothy pictures under the cut!
Click on “Read More” on the right!


A comparison between my teeth at the start of week 1 and 2.
I used a proper camera for week 2’s picture instead of my phone’s camera, and that is probably why the image looks so much clearer and whiter. (However, I would like to think of it as my teeth getting whiter due to the extra amount of care I give them. DON’T POP MY BUBBLE PLEASE!)
There is not much visible difference at this angle, for the moment.


Here’s a comparison of my bottom row.
I understand that week 1’s picture is really blur as compared to week 2’s. (I promise to use a proper camera from now on!)
But the image below will show the areas that have slight differences.


The red circles identify the areas that are of slight difference.
I have really crooked front teeth at the bottom row, and if you look closely at the areas that are circled, there are some improvements despite the short period of time.
The circled area on the left shows that the tooth is no longer overlapping as much as before. When I look into the mirror, from the inside, it is more obvious because I start seeing the edge of the slanted tooth that used to be covered by the tooth beside it.
Similarly, the circled area on the right shows that the tooth does not overlap the tooth beside it as much as before.
These are really small improvements that may not seem obvious enough to others, but because they are my teeth, I am able to better notice and even feel the difference.


Here’s my upper row comparison picture.
The upper row has relatively less movements as compared to the lower one. Probably because the upper row does not have as much problems as the bottom row.


Not sure whether you can see it clearly or not, but my two front teeth on the upper row has shifted slightly inwards and is not as protruding. I feel like the degree that they protrude has lessen, which is awesome. Because the braces has made my teeth feel so tight, when I push my tongue against the two front teeth, I can feel them shifting outwards a little and when I use my tongue to pull them back, they shift back a little. They feel a little loose, like baby tooth that can be shook when they are about to fall out.

It may not be as clear from the above picture, but from the picture below, you can see the difference in the degree angles of the “V”.


See? I’m not delusional, right?



I haven’t seen much improvements in the 4 gaps’ closure. The upper gaps are about 0.7cm now, while the lower gaps are about 1cm. Hopefully they will close up soon because the food kept getting stuck at these holes and are unable to be rinsed out because of the wire blocking.

I’ve been watching the Kdrama “Bride of the Century”, starring Lee HongKi, thanks to Dav’s recommendation!
It’s quite an enjoyable drama, and seeing that so many drama reviewers have been hooked on the show, this is definitely a good drama to catch. However, despite the awesome plot concept, I feel like the show is seemingly lacking.Putting aside the visually attractive actors (HONGKI <3), I feel like there are many loopholes in the development of the plot. The actresses’ acting skills  are beyond awesome, especially the lead actress! She carries a double role so well! However, I feel that the guys are the ones that need some brushing up. In my opinion, Hongki did so much better as Jeremy in “You’re Beautiful” than this drama. I feel like he wasn’t able to sink into character and sometime you can see from his eyes that he’s not immersed in his role. I’m sure he is capable for something better than this, but probably the role of a cold hearted heir does not really suit our bubbly band singer.

Tell me I’m not alone in this, but I have an issue with his character’s fashion sense as well. Like, WHAT’S UP WITH THE NEVER ENDING TURTLE NECK?! I don’t have a neck fetish, mind you, but Hongki does not seem very tall and that disappearing neck is not helping!


We need some Hong Ki Collarbones please, stylist Noona!


Neck neck neck.

In addition, when the show is at its climax, I find myself hoping that Doo Rim will appear weaker instead of acting like Hercules and braving through all this shit alone because what Kang Ju needs to realize is that he’s not the only one hurting. Seeing his beloved being so strong makes him whimper even more. Maybe it’s just me in this one though, because many viewers seem to like that the girl doesn’t act all weak and stuff. Call me outdated, but I still prefer the traditional storylines whereby the girls are always weaker in order to fulfil the appearance of the knight in shinning amour.

Oh, another issue I have is that the drama’s editing seems a little awkward and unnatural. I find that the show does not seem to flow very well between scenes and that bugs me a lot. I find myself getting confused sometimes, when a scene comes to an abrupt ending, and the introduction of a new scene does not link up with the previous one.

In addition, I absolutely hated the part whereby Yi Hyun is in coma because he’s protecting Doo Rim. As if there are not enough obstacles to cross, now Doo Rim has to be guilt-ridden by her Oppa?! It just drives me mad.

Despite my many complains, I still managed to sit through episode 11 and 12 consecutively yesterday, and this goes to show that the drama is not bad, if I can try to ignore all the tiny rages sparking in my head.

Now, to end off this post…
Here’s a mandatory awkward selfie for you.



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