Hey there!

I finally received the remaining pictures and some videos from our recent staycation in Hard Rock Hotel! This second part is filled with even more unglams, but hey, YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, right?!

Looking at the videos and pictures make me miss my clique even more. Even though school was quite torturous, I wish I can go back to the past year whereby we were all attending school. I miss how we always gossiped and fooled around, as well as the lunch breaks where we ate together while judging other people (cough), and many many other fun moments. No friendship is smooth-sailing, but I know that when I look back at the past 2 years with my OBC girls, only the good times will remain in my mind. I dare say I had the most fun in the last year of diploma studies, because of this bunch of crazy girls.




Our bare faces, before we started filming the “Blindfold Makeup” video


Here’s the video of me getting my makeup done by the blindfolded Nat. I know we all seem so chaotic, but I swear mine is probably the most calm and normal one already. Wait till the other editions come out, you’ll see why!

For the first time I have a video of me fringe-less. Well, now you know why I have bangs, yeah? NO, DON’T JUDGE.

Next up, Huisan’s version (a.k.a. Makeup tutorial – Chingay) by Brigid!
Followed by Brigid’s dramatic eyeliner look by Huisan. Probably one of the most clumsy makeup challenge ever. (LOL)
Davina doing for Natalie! Messy eyeliner spotted.
Lastly, Me doing Davina’s makeup. Inspired by my panda, Kiakia. I think I did a good job! HAHA.
That’s all the videos of the blindfold makeup challenge did by us, #OBC! Many thanks to Brigid for the editing!


And like I mentioned in the previous staycation post, I looked too normal so Nat decided to add 2 random lines under my eyes LOL




That’s it about our staycation! As you can see, we had a BLAST!

Anyway, I’ve been self-learning Korean Language recently.
I was watching “The Return of Superman”, which is a korean variety show about 4 Fathers taking care of their children for 3D2N. I love the show because the kids are SO adorable and the Fathers seem so candid and sincere. Even my Mom fell in love with the show and kept asking me to play it for her.
In the show, I saw the kids learning the Korean language, and their eagerness motivated me. One of my new year resolution for 2014 was to pick up a new language, and since I’ve learnt Japanese in school (which I have completely forgotten), I decided that its time to move on and learn another language!
Surprisingly, Korean is a lot easier than Japanese because it is slightly more straight forward and the words are easier to write. I managed to get all the vowels, consonants and alphabets in a day by learning through http://www.kosnet.go.kr as well as my own DIY flashcards.
I can now read aloud a simple paragraph, however, I am still not able to fully comprehend the words. However, I am sure I will be able to understand them soon, if I keep up my hard work.
The internet has so much resources to help in learning new languages, and I find it sufficient enough that I don’t have to go out and purchase some language kit (which can be quite costly) or even attend a language school (which cost quite a bomb to me right now).
I shall make good use of my long holiday to master Korean! 🙂



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