Hey there!

I’m probably counted as a late comer in the blogosphere, assuming that even primary school kids keep a blog nowadays (or have they moved on to something else?). Well, I’ve had several blogs over the years, at least 4 of them in fact, however, I never really developed a habit to blog because I always felt like my life isn’t interesting enough to be worth the chunks of paragraphs I type.

It is not that my life has gotten any more interesting than before, but that it has dawn upon me that blogging is a form of expression. As we grow older and life gets busier, there is a tendency whereby we forget the importance to communicate with ourselves. We no longer stop in our tracks to experience the feelings within us, and do not see that there is a need for us to express our feelings. It took me awhile, but I eventually realized that muting my thoughts and numbing my feelings were not healthy in the long run. As much as I would have loved to turn to the people around me (whom I love dearly) for help, I am a Cancerian, and that means I am extremely sensitive when it comes to caring for people. Whenever I express myself to others, I feel like I am passing my unnecessary burdens to him/her, and that is the last thing I will ever want to give to my loved ones. Hence, I figured out that I should take a fifth attempt in blogging, using it as a channel and medium for expression, and also a record of my life, no matter how mundane it is.

That aside, I am glad that the first post I publish in this blog is on my unofficial graduation!

It still feels so surreal to me that I’ve survived the three long years in poly, and will be moving on to the next phase in life (already?!). I still remember sitting down with my parents in 2010 after O Levels, discussing about the school choices available to me. I could’ve and also wanted to attend a junior college, but was discouraged by the rumors/facts of the difficulty of their maths syllabus. In the end, I decided to #YOLO and applied for Dip in Business in Temasek Polytechnic as first choice. I must say that there were definitely times where I regretted my choice, but looking back, those three years were not spent in vain at all. I’ve made many awesome friends, learnt relevant information to my dream careers and had many opportunities to develop myself as a person.

Today, when the invigilator announced that the time was up for the last exam paper, I had mixed feelings. I suddenly didn’t want all these to come to an end, but at the same time, wished that I could get all of it out of my way. The last exam marks my unofficial graduation in TP, and I have been so busy and all over the place that this fact has yet to register in my head. Guess it will take some time for me, especially when I start realizing that everyone has moved on except me.

Anyway, one does not “graduate” without doing a “photoshoot” infront of the #TPOOTDWALL right? Here are some of the most glam pictures that I filtered out from the entire chunk of photospam.

Just, don’t judge.








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